About me

“Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them. So go out and start creating”

The Changing Gears Expedition is a research and storytelling project about how cities and businesses use digitalization to accelerate change for positive impact on society. My aim is to collect common challenges, discovers trends, shares solutions in order to accelerate change and help shaping a positive future.

As an IT manager and consultant I worked with new digital technologies and used models, data and analytics to enhance product innovation, efficiency and speed. However, I learnt that excluding multi-stakeholder collaboration hinders digitalization from reaching its full potential. I believe that storytelling, personal stories about motives and concerns, is a catalyst for cross-stakeholder collaboration and helps to maximize the value derived from digitalization.

Why the Changing Gears Expedition?

Travelling from city to city through Europe, Middle East and Asia by motorbike is an adventurous journey. The same is for cities, citizens and business today as they are on a journey, too. They have to consider why and how digital becomes an integrated part of their daily lives.

The aims of this expedition is to identify trends, share learnings and inspire people. The outcome is free accessible online best-practices catalogue with inspiring stories for professionals and citizens with real-life examples to shape a positive future.