Heat4Cool proposes an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution to optimize the integration of a set of rehabilitation systems in order to meet the net-zero energy standards.

he project develops, integrates and demonstrates an easy to install and highly energy efficient solution for building retrofitting that begins from the Heat4Cool advanced decision-making tool (which addresses the building and district characteristics) and leads to the optimal solution combining (1) gas and solar thermally driven adsorption heat pumps, which permits the full integration with existing natural gas boilers to ensure efficient use of current equipment , (2) solar PV assisted DC powered heat pump connected to an advanced modular PCM heat and cold storage system, and (3) energy recovery from sewage water with high performance heat exchangers.


DESENT is such a project focusing on providing a smart decision support tool for urban energy and transport by developing innovative approaches and utilising cutting-edge technologies using co-creation.

The consortium which integrates top universities, research institutes, enterprises and private companies, will tackle the various challenges by developing/ implementing the innovative solutions in demo cities. DESENT will support smart decision making for policy makers and personalised services for citizens.


The key functionality of the DR-BOB Demand Response energy management solution is based on the real-time optimisation of the local energy production, consumption and storage.

The optimisation can be adjusted to maximise economic profit or to minimise CO2 emissions according to user requirements. The solution is and can adapt to fluctuations in the energy demand or production, subject to dynamic price tariffs and changing weather conditions.

The DR-BOB Demand Response energy management solution optimises the local energy production, consumption and storage in real time.
It can maximise economic profit or to minimise CO2 emissions according to user requirements.
It is smart and can automatically adapt to current energy demand/ supply, dynamic price tariffs and weather conditions.

The DR-BOB solution combines tools and technologies to provide an innovative scalable cloud based central management system with a, local real-time energy management that communicates with each building management and generation / storage solutions in blocks of buildings.


The apartment buildings selected for the EU-GUGLE project demonstration are located in two districts: the wider city centre and the western part of the city.

The total area to be renovated is 40 000 m², and features a wide range of different building types with different construction systems and construction materials from 1960s onwards, representing a typical city building composition. Almost all of the selected buildings were characterised by high-energy demands and diverse technical difficulties. The envelope had insufficient thermal protection and required a high amount of energy for space heating and domestic hot water preparation. Most of the buildings were connected to a district heating network.

The selection of pilot private apartment buildings aimed to identify the wide spectrum of issues and problems that could occur in the renovation process of housing stock in the city.