Bridging the gap with storytelling

Stories inspire, build trust, connect people and overcome barriers and uncertainty. When people understand each other and feel collective responsibility for making the world a better place to live, they will overcome today’s challenges.

“I believe in the power of meaningful social connections”

The expedition brings stories from city to city, shows projects from cities and businesses, creates inspiration and shares best practices. It shows the latest trends, common challenges and practical solutions..

What value does the expedition create?

1. Visibility through authentic and unique motorcycle stories

The stories are authentic, personal and emotionally engaging, and shared by media partners and via online channels. This creates unique visibility for cities and projects and also helps to engage stakeholders, regardless of their age, technological background or interests. Personal stories from stakeholders are a great tool to convey the message. Additionally, the stories (videos, podcasts and blogs) may also be used for own communication purposes.


2. Outside-in perspective

The expedition collects lots of practical knowledge about what made digital sustainability solutions successful and what are best practices to overcome challenges. For example, ‘expert podcasts’ cover knowledge, practical models and best practices shared from all around the world.


3. Connecting people

All visited projects get a profile in the online ‘story catalogue’. It contains human-centered video stories, company profile and additional materials. Sustainability professionals can freely access the stories and background information and send a contact request to the involved parties.