From Mussel to Compost and Electricity

Wouter ten Velde is owner of a mussel food bar in the Westerpark – a beautiful park in central Amsterdam. The food bar ‘Mossel & Gin’ is a sustainable restaurant that serves locally bred, grown and harvested mussels from the Netherlands.

Wouter and his companion, Josh Selter, who run a sustainable business, had to overcome a big challenge in the past as the city municipality does not collect and recycle biological waste (mussels, vegetables, sauce, etc). Luckily, the problem with waste was solved when the Waste Transformers started their unique project in the Westerpark. They deployed an ‘anaerobic’ digestion machine that converts waste into compost, electricity and even paper.


Since then, Wouter has been able to recycle biological waste generated by the food bar. The compost is spread over the Westerpark as nutrient and the energy can be delivered back to the residents of the community. The compost can also be upcycled into paper for packaging materials.

This is a great example how technology helps to create a circular production and consumption of resources.


Name: Wouter ten Velde
Company: Mossel & Gin
City: Amsterdam

“If you separate waste at home, you should do the same as an entrepreneur.”


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