Marisa Parmigiani is Sustainability Manager at Unipol, Italy’s second insurer, and talks about digital CSR and especially about big data and Derris, an online tool for assessing natural disaster risks and taking measurements.

In this podcast Marisa Parmigiani will share her experience and ideas about digital CSR, how to manage disruptive innovations and capability building. Additionally, Marisa shares her experience with building an online environmental assessment tool in public-private partnership.

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EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, with over 140 members across 39 countries, representing more than 130 million people.

EUROCITIES works in all areas of interest for cities, from culture to mobility, environment to social affairs, economic development to smart cities. It facilitates learning experiences between cities, and represents cities’ interests towards the European Union. EUROCITIES is committed to working towards a common vision of a democratic, sustainable future in which all citizens can enjoy a good quality of life.

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The future of Smart Society development lies in its functioning on a European scale. In order to overcome today’s challenges cities have to act together; otherwise Europe may lose control over its future that in turn may start being dictated by American companies and Chinese investors.

Europe has a tradition of creating economies that are compatible with the society’s expectations. This tradition is embedded in our culture: people want to have government systems that empower them to become who they want to be. To address today’s challenges it would a good idea for governments to create a level playing field where people-centred technologies are developed, bring these technologies together and make them compatible with society’s needs.

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For Designathon Works I created a story about children that learn to develop solutions for sustainability issues. Inspiring:)

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Worldwide there are 2 billion children of school going age. How can we prepare them to prosper in a rapidly changing, increasingly technological and complex world? How can they learn to design a better world for themselves and the planet?

Armed with these urgent questions, 15 years experience in designing education programs in widely diverse contexts from Afghanistan to the Netherlands, plus a belief that all children can contribute to designing a better world, we at Designathon Works are attempting to answer this challenge with our unique design thinking method.

A designathon is a structured workshop in which children invent, build and present their self-devised solutions to a social or environmental issue around the Sustainable Development Goals. A workshop lasts four to six hours and is facilitated by education professionals.

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