Wouter ten Velde is owner of a mussel food bar in the Westerpark – a beautiful park in central Amsterdam. The food bar ‘Mossel & Gin’ is a sustainable restaurant that serves locally bred, grown and harvested mussels from the Netherlands.

Wouter and his companion, Josh Selter, who run a sustainable business, had to overcome a big challenge in the past as the city municipality does not collect and recycle biological waste (mussels, vegetables, sauce, etc). Luckily, the problem with waste was solved when the Waste Transformers started their unique project in the Westerpark. They deployed an ‘anaerobic’ digestion machine that converts waste into compost, electricity and even paper.


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With 420 speakers and 675 exhibitors, Barcelona’s Smart City Expo is the largest exhibition about smart cities. More than 18.000 attendees learned about the development of cities and urban areas.

ICT and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the drivers for urban transformation and the backbone of smart cities. ICT is about computers and networks (hardware) and apps (software). IoT is about devices, vehicles and home appliance that are interlinked via internet. An IoT example is the new generation litter-bins with a sensor inside. The sensor informs waste-disposal when the litter-bin is full and need to be emptied.

Smart cities can be defined as an urban area where electronic data collection supply information to improve transport, waste disposal, healthcare, education, governance and other areas to make the city cleaner, safer and more social. In the past the hight of skyscrapers defined the cities prosperity. In the future prosperity is not defined by skyscrapers but by the depth of data and connectivity.
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 The itinerary (roughly planned) depicts the cities that will be visited. However, the itinerary can deviate, depending on the opportunities and offerings from other cities. When a city has great stories to tell but is not ‘on the route’, it still can be visited as a sidetrack of the expedition.

You can see the itinerary below – an estimated 39.000 km.:


Stage 1 – June / September 2018 (12.000 km)

 Amsterdam – Eindhoven – Antwerp – Brussels – Paris – Lyon – Munich – Venice – Milan – Florence – Rome – Napels – Athens – Tirana – Skopje – Zadar – Leibach – Wien – Budapest – Kosice – Krakow – Warsaw

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