The Waste Transformers

The Waste Transformers create decentralized, nutrient and energy hubs by converting residual waste streams into energy, whilst recovering (on-site) the natural resources and water in the waste.

The Waste Transformers empower local communities to leverage their waste for positive change. Using smart business models, they do this in a way that is financially attractive today. It is a small-scale, high impact approach that is revolutionizing the way we deal with organic waste.

It is of relevance to know that different organic waste streams produce different types of value. Banana peels will naturally produce a higher biomass potential than for example tea leaves. Organic streams can be mixed together to produce an abundance of value.

The Waste Transformers are active in several locations including the Netherlands, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong and South America. They are growing very quickly, and are delighted to continuously host several delegations from all over the world, every month with whom we collaborate.



Name: Fosca Poltronieri, Operations Manager
Company: The Waste Transformers
City: Amsterdam
Expertise: Waste to value, Green energy, Circular Economy

“I love the work I do. Because if you have your ‘why’ it is not a job anymore.”

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One Comment on “The Waste Transformers

  1. I think your idea is amazing and something I am extremely interested in.
    Are there any installations in Cape Town?

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