What cities can learn from companies that employ co-creation

Katharina Greve is a Doctoral Student at the University of Cambridge and employed a case study about co-creation in living labs.

In this podcast Katharina shares her framework that outlines how co-creation can be facilitated successfully in such a multi-stakeholder environment. She explored the co-creation practices in the living lab JOSEPHS, located in the city centre of Nuremberg. A living lab is a space where real users are actively involved in the development, introduction and commercialisation of new services and products. Companies present ideas, early prototypes or even products and services at an advanced development stage in order to receive authentic feedback from users.


What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Who are the actors involved in co-creation?
  • What resources are needed to facilitate co-creation in living labs?
  • What are the key activities deployed by the living lab?


Profile Katharina Greve
Name: Katharina Greve
Company: University of Cambridge
Profession: Doctoral Student
City: Cambridge

“People are at the heart of the co-creation process shaping the products and services that affect their daily lives.”

Katharina Greve: www.katharinagreve.com
Living Lab JOSEPHS: www.josephs-service-manufaktur.de/en
Cambridge Service Alliance: https://cambridgeservicealliance.eng.cam.ac.uk/

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